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Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketing System

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Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketing System

Postby robertlaf » Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:16 pm

That may not be the exact name but it sure is making waves. One MLM banned it.
I have been in MLM's, my current one is Pre Paid Legal . . I prospected 1 guy and it made me sick the way he was pressured so I never prospected another one. 1 out of 10 are sucessful at PPL, less probably overall, I think it's 3%.
I have nothing against MLM's, I may join Ameriplan or Send out Cards too. More power to MLMers, many have made it wonderful, .
This notion of 3 foot rule and calling friends and relatives is ridiculous though.
When I read Ann's 7 lies of network marketing ... tlies.html
I realized what I knew in back of my mind, MLM's marketing techniques ar 50% BS at least.
Imagine Steve Jobs telling his people to sell I-phones with the 3 foot rule and calling your friends and relatives.
The 7 Lies is a free promo offer into Ann's Renegade system
That link is not mine, I haven't bought it yet but definitely will.
When you buy Renegade it is branded with your email and you are an affiliate for free and you get commissions on all the affiliate programs they use in the system like Send out Cards, some great extra money. It's 50% commission and 2 levels I think. The system costs $67.
Renegade also tells the way to sell, it is sales in MLM not showing too, and a different way to build a team. Ann was very sucessful in that.
I think it is a tremendous product and a great affiliate product and it is selling fast. It is brutual and honest and she gets a lot of hate mail but more thank you mail.
Any comments on it are appreciated.
7 Lies is free but of course you get her emails.
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