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Your Network Marketing Program

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Hello Heris,

Postby izobilje » Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:57 am

I promote several opportunities. The last two I joined are Earning2Wealth and Golden Cash.

Why did I join these two one?

I live in Slovenia, EU and I travel a lot through Europe. So ... in some countries I met a lot of people who can earn very little as little as 50 US$ per month and who would like to buy products I sell cooperating with other companies like FFI tabs or NHT Global Facelift ... but they can not afford it ... and so ... since last summer I thought and working a lot on finding appropriate solution to have the possibility to help also these new friends ...

... during my search I found these two opportunities ...

Earning2Wealth gives everyone life-time access to online manual Steps to Wealth with just 5$ investment in having this access and everyone can get much more than 5$ back immediately just by helping his/hers friends, relatives because program gives immediately back 2$ for direct help ...

And with earnings in Earning2Wealth everyone can reinvest part of the earnings in second opportunity ...

After starting to have good online earnings with these two matrix MLM opportunities (both are still in pre-launch phase) they can get involved and start using also products to help the environment with FFI tabs or to have the possibility to use facelift to look great

Heris, wish you a great day!
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The Golden Chance Opportunity ! Join as Top Leader Position!

Postby calvinchin » Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:04 am

Hi there,

Apart from my normal marketing, I'm now more FOCUS on another
networking business.


Because this company will be opening its 15 offices in my country
on the coming 02/2007, and I got the Chance to join at the TOP
Leader position BEFORE the company launch!

I'm still have 2 months time prior the company launch. This is
the BEST timing for me to build my downline partners.

The method I'm building up my team is by filling up
1 at a time! Meaning, I will be putting one member down to
another member, under one straight line!

Therefore, I can concentrate of building a STRONG and

Once the company launch by then, I can't imagine the
kind of income from all those ready downlines !!! 8)

That's how I'm doing now. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!
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Postby Chuck_Anthony » Tue Jan 09, 2007 1:22 am

Well let's see, 12 years ago I joined with a company that already had a 10-year track record of steady consistent growth, a solid management team and a comp plan that did not rely on promotional volume. I also wanted to be associated with a company that had great business credentials; awards, accolades, etc.

My prospecting is mainly focused on sales professionals looking to supplement or replace their income so, I play a little game when I sit down in front of them (or online) to give my presentation... I use this company annual sales graph and say; "Any questions?"


It's usually enough to keep them interested. I can't wait for the next chart to be published later this month. It'll show another 11% increase. My experience tells me that people generally like to be associated with successful organizations and that makes my job a lot easier.
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Postby rcneale » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:12 pm

My husband and I had been involved with a few programs and they went South. We decided being more educated that we wanted an actual product we would buy even if it was without the opportunity. That's when we found GRN. We LOVE the product and it has the most lucrative compensation plan I have ever seen. I highly recommend it if you love to travel in luxury!
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I sell money, everyone needs it

Postby edwinnyc » Sun Jan 28, 2007 11:30 pm

I sell a product everyone needs, will always need it , and if they do not need it today they will in the future.

Residual Income with Commercial and Residential mortgages, is this possible?

The company I am affiliated with revolutionized the mortgage industry!

With a traditional mortgage broker you have:

1) Sink or swim type training...mostly none
2) Only licensed in one state or 2 or 3 for most mortgage shops
3) Owner has no incentive to teach you too much too fast, since you will pick up and leave for more money or set up your own shop if you are good
4) Only the broker can hire and receive overrides from his team of mortgage loan originators
5) If you bring a friend to work there, you will not receive any overrides on your friends production only the broker will and he will tell you thanks for bringing a good producer who is putting an extra $5k per month in hir or her pocket....not much incentive to introduce other people there
6) you cannot build a team like the broker only he or she can
7) have to wait 2 or more years to be able to be a mortgage broker
8) you can only originate in the few states that he or she is licensed in

With the company I am affiliated with:

1) You can originate loans around the country since since the company is licensed nationwide
2) There is an incentive for the person who hires you to train and support you, since they will receive commissions from your efforts, and if you leave he or she still gets paid even though you leave and set up a mortgage shop in another state
3) There is training available online and offline
4) You can build a local and nationwide team and receive overrides from around the country
5) You can start working right away and build a team right away without going thru the red tape and time period involved in a traditional setting
6) commission are sizeable from downline you are dealing with mortgages
7) It ties in with real estate investments and foreclosures for those who have an interest in this area

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Postby roseyonnex » Thu Mar 15, 2007 1:08 pm

Hi All,

I chose Ameriplan. It is a health benefits company. I chose it because I see a crisis in our helathcare system in the United States, and I love helping people get healthcare benefits that really need them but for some reason can't afford them or have pre-existing conditions and a traditional insurance company will not touch them.

This is a great forum, and I have enjoyed reading about everybody's business!

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Postby Russell Portwood » Mon May 19, 2008 1:46 pm

davethewave wrote:Something to keep in mind when you research a network marketing company. What I am about to say is going to come as a great shock to many of you. People do not join your network marketing company because they want your product or service. They don't join because you have a great comp plan. They join because they have a problem that they need solved. That problem may be that they want more money, need more time with family, etc.. So don't get all hung up about products, services, and comp plans. You just want to make sure that your company will be around to pay you in 10,20, or 50 years.


Dave - How true!
And I would add to this the personal element. People usually don't join a company, they join a person! And let's face it; your integrity is tied to the company's ability to deliver what is promised (for that 10, 20, or 50 years).

So be careful in your choice. It took me a long time to find the right company that had the right person to work with.

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Postby Daniel Cassidy » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:27 pm

The company that I promote is GDI also known as Global Domains International. The reason why I went with them is that they have no direct competition in the network marketing industry for their product which is domain name registration for the .ws extension which also come with a web hosting / email package for only $10 a month.

It's a good company because it's not expensive to be an affiliate and it's easy to get signups so it's perfect for newbies to MLM or network marketing who are looking to learn the business without going broke.

For you to really be successful with this business you don't need to find a company that has the most lucrative compensation plan. You really need to sell yourself before your business and build relationships with your team and make sure that they become leaders themselves. This is the only way that you are going to get your downline to duplicate successfully.

Any of these companies really can make you money, it's just a matter of picking one which you feel strongly about and taking the action neccesary to be a leader in the industry and teaching others to do the same.
Daniel Cassidy
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Postby Russell Portwood » Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:41 am

...picking one which you feel strongly about and taking the action neccesary to be a leader in the industry and teaching others to do the same.

The basis of success in network marketing.

Thanks Daniel!

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Postby ibuzzmentor » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:27 pm

I have been making money from home for five years now. My main business is Global Resorts network a high ticket item with a great product and an above board approach. I also use voice blasting like Ibuzz Pro to generate leads. I prefer to create organic leads. I would never buy leads, the only ones getting rich that way is the lead broker. I have cut my lead cost down 65% using voiceblasting software.
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Postby travelingnani1 » Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:04 pm

I am vey busy. I do not have time to have in home parties. I do not want to bager my familyand friends. I'm not a sales person.

I've been in this industry for 7 years and I've learned people don't want to be sold. You may have the very best berry juice in the world that will take away all your aches and pains and prevent you from getting old, but people won't want it until they have aches and pains and see themselves aging. Then you need to find those people.

You may have the greatest wrinkle remover out there, but you have to find the people who care - many don't.

I wanted a system that did all that searching for me. A system that did the follow up for me. A system that did the selling for me.

I have found 2 companies that do 80% of the work for me. The comp plans are great and so are the products.

Did I memtion - they do 80% of the work. I can easily do the rest and can teach you how to also ---FREE of charge. (Check out the free leads below)

Check out:



The second one is actually a money pool, so everyone earns a commissions!

Make life easy on yourself! Earning a lot of money and being successful does not have to be hard.
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Postby karynsolo » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:35 am

I am about to launch an new software product that is marketing geared, and because it is for a site that just about everyone visits I have chosen to do a duo marketing plan.

First of course I will market it online

Second I will be physically going into businesses that use the service the software is for and do presentations and sales that way.

When the product is released I will let you all know about it, for now it is my secret but I can say it will be a huge asset and it WILL make your life much easier in the future when marketing.

Stay posted- This one you will love!

One thing I love to do is to get creative and developing my own product is one way to let that side of me freely flow.
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Postby Paul Cooley » Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:55 pm

I am with a company called Xedia Technologies Inc.
We provide cutting edge technology that helps people save on their electric bill and things like that.

I started with them because it's not just another health juice or pill company. Not putting those down, but I have found many are tired of hearing about the latest and greatest juice. So I thought technology would be a good way to do.

One of the first things I look at is the Integrity of the company and I found it with Xedia Technologies.

I stay away from cold calling and home meetings, I do all of my marketing online. I love it!

When I started, a business partner and myself started the which offers support and training to our team.

To be real honest, I have found that many Network Marketers don't understand the power of using the Internet. So I am dedicated now to helping others understand how to market the right way online. I am in the process of building a member's site for any and all Network Marketers and show them step by step what to do.

Anyways, I love Xedia Technologies, it's a great company!
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Re: Your Network Marketing Program

Postby captkirk » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:34 pm

indiana wrote:Hello everyone,

May I know what is online network marketing program you are promoting? And why did you choose the program (because of the products, compensation plan, etc)?


Hi Heris,

The main online network marketing program that I promote is SFI.

* I promote SFI because they offer products and services that most people can use.

* Extensive training, support, Websites and products provided FREE!

* FREE Internet Income Course - ongoing training on how to creat multiple income streams
worldwide via the internet. A $295 annual value!

* No cost to get started, no obligation, and zero risk. :D
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Postby jraw1 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:36 pm

Hello indiana

Im with a Direct sales Company called LifePath Unlimited . I joined Them because the products are life changing and the Money you Can Earn Cant be Beat ! So i can Earn A Great Income And Help People Change thier Lives And Earn Great Income At The Same Time .

To Your Success
James Rawlins
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