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The Benefits of Article Marketing

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The Benefits of Article Marketing

Postby doc333 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:02 am

Article marketing or article promotion is an excellent upcoming marketing tool, especially for small business having low budgets and insufficient funds. It is a self-generating marketing strategy, which attracts the customer flow to a web site. Article promotion is a best way to promote products, services and programs, which the business entrepreneurs have to offer.

Key Benefits:

1. Efficient SEO Tool:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of building links and making the web site more accessible for search engines, whenever visitors type in specific terms in the search box and look for search results.

Article marketing is an efficient SEO tool, since it helps in diverting the traffic flow to a web site, by specifying certain keywords and links in the resource box of an online directory. These keywords and links direct the visitors to that site and thus, have positive search engine results.

2. Increase In Link Popularity:

Increasing number of linking sites to a particular site and rising customer flow, enhance ranking of a web site in search engines. Generally, search engines give greater significance to sites with larger number of links to other sites or directories. Thus, increase in link popularity helps to gain more subscribers and increased sales.

3. Pre-sale of Products:

No doubt, that scope for online marketing is increasing immensely. However, a customer would always want to know proper details of a product before purchasing it. Thus, article marketing highlights the purpose, efficiency and other important details regarding every product. This enables visitors to make a suitable choice, according to their needs.

3. Expert Reputation:

Article promotion increases reputation of the site host as an expert. If a site offers high quality goods and services, and advertises the same in an efficient manner, then the confidence level of customers in the site products enhances. This also enhances the reputation of that web site and displays its owner as a reliable professional, from whom customers feel free to make any purchases.

4. Benefits of Attracting Visitors:

Apart from having the visitors to make online purchases, article marketing has other benefits of attracting customer traffic too. This involves distributing those articles to online publishers, who help to advertise that web site.

For instance, if an electronic newsletter called ezine having large number of subscribers happens to pick an article, then the site owner benefits from a massive increase in sales and subscribers. If a printed source comes across and publishes an article, then readers are likely to get familiar with the products and services.

5. Free Marketing:

Article marketing is a beneficial way of advertising, if a person lacks the financial power to run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Clickbank programs. Investment is required only in terms of time. In fact, it is an efficient marketing strategy, which helps to entice visitors to visit the site repeatedly. Thus, distributing articles and submitting them on a consistent basis, produces recurring traffic for a web site.

Through well-organized article marketing, it is possible to build a good rapport with customers and win their trust. However, it is equally important to offer high quality goods and services along with article marketing, to have a permanent flow of visitors to a particular web site.
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Article Marketing

Postby DebGallardo » Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:21 am


You are so right about article marketing being an excellent tool. I'm a follower of Jeff Herring, the Article Marketing Guy (in addition to also following Lynn Terry, of course! :P ). Jeff has written over 1,000 articles over at since 2005. He gets thousands of monthly views on articles he wrote four years ago. Multiply that times 1,000 and you begin to get the idea that this article marketing thing isn't going to go away.

Check out this guest article by Jeff on my blog:

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