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Article Marketing: What's it all about?

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Article Marketing: What's it all about?

Postby doc333 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:56 am

Article marketing is all about writing brief articles related to any industry and further submitting those articles to distribution forms and article sites. The writer may finally include a bio piece in the article, revealing personal and professional identity and a link to the web site. The bio piece will auto include itself if anyone uses the article on their web site.

The writer needs to avoid revealing too many secrets or tips but has to make sure that the articles are helpful and informative. This increases the chance of prospective readers visiting the web site frequently for information on particular topics. The purpose of marketing articles is to draw new customers to a web site. Spam filters are no more a cause of worry since customers now directly come to the web site. Article marketing is an assured means for building confidence in the minds and hearts of the target audience.


Hardly anyone doubts article marketing as a successful technique of online marketing. It aims at marketing a product for a business and building traffic for blogs or sites. It is a marketing strategy, which sends either a piece or a big group of articles on the Internet. The writer has to be good enough in expressing the opinions and expertise clearly, which may pass on and on around the Internet.

Article marketing is easy for bloggers writing their own contents. When a writer updates a blog in their own writing on a regular basis, it is supposed that the person has a flair for writing. It is possible to write articles of 300-600 words on a daily basis. A lazy writer may even hire a ghostwriter who writes at a low cost and maintains the content quality throughout the article.

Articles having the intention of marketing need not be of superior quality as in case of guest blogging. The articles have to provide information, which is to the point and does not appear as a sales copy. The motive is traffic building. Article marketing surely calls for hard work and strong determination. As such, chances are, most beginners either quit writing or get them on another fad in the process.

Internet marketers are familiar with the idea that potential buyers act on good content. Hence, the content has to be information specific, attracting more readers to it. Article marketing depends largely on pulling crowd to a web site by putting across a message. It makes available the right information for the target audience without any hype.

Honest Marketing:

Article marketing is a white-hat method, which search engines notice. It reaches the target market. If newsletter and web site owners publish the articles, the articles get relevant links that take these back to the web site of the writer. The business works for many. It is affordable and possible for any business no matter how big or small it is. Share knowledge on the Internet with people at the other end and get established in writing. Make available informative content on the web and double the chances of generating prospective readers to it and expanding the business. All online business owners would be wise to, and do very well to take a closer look at Article Marketing and implement this marketing technique on a consistent basis.
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