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Sorry has anyone heard ?...article marketing right/wrong way

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Sorry has anyone heard ?...article marketing right/wrong way

Postby edwinnyc » Sat May 10, 2008 6:39 pm

Sorry guys if I am brow beating this to death but how can I continue if I am getting conflicting msgs from different people, I will try one last time then dive in whether I am doing this wrong and right and hope for the best....

I am getting ready to start using articles for the 1st time ever since I have been online to market my site, and heard some stuff that really confuses me with how to approach this, have heard that a lot of article marketing methods are outdated and can do possibly harm if done incorrectly


google no longer give weight to your article being located in many sites since it is duplicated content all pointing to the same site.... Y or N


I will paying some article writers to write at least 10 articles per month for me, what would be the strategy here to submit to just 1 directory or to 10 different directories

would i benefit more from having 10 article directories pointing or linking to me or submitting 1 article to each 10 directories or should I be submitting each 10 articles to all 10 directories

I am concerned about duplicate content issues

I am also concern about just submitting to 1 directory vs 10 different ones

what are the pros and cons of submitting 10 articles to only 1 directory

what are the pros and cons of submitting 10 articles to 10 different directories each directory gets only 1 article submitted

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Postby JosephRatliff » Sun May 11, 2008 11:45 am


1) As long as the sites are not similar in structure, you will not get a duplicate content penalty...Google is doing that to avoid spammers setting up 1053 Wordpress blogs (for example) with the exact same content. If you are in doubt, make changes to at least 15% of the article before submitting to a different service.

2) Use , period. You can also add to the mix if you are on a budget.
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Some sources of information for you.

Postby DebGallardo » Sat May 17, 2008 7:41 pm


I went to THE source for duplicate content information: Google itself. Here's what they have to say about submitting your articles to directories:

Syndicate carefully: If you syndicate your content on other sites, Google will always show the version we think is most appropriate for users in each given search, which may or may not be the version you'd prefer. However, it is helpful to ensure that each site on which your content is syndicated includes a link back to your original article. You can also ask those who use your syndicated material to block the version on their sites with robots.txt.

You can read the whole page at: ... swer=66359

For your 2nd question, Chris Knight, manager of has several blog posts that can help answer you. ... trend.html about today's trend of their top authors submitting articles not available anywhere else on the 'net, including their own sites. He speculates this is just to be safe to avoid the so-called "Google penalty." ... ndset.html where he responds to readers' questions on this and related topics. ... ategy.html where he gets into percentages of how much original content should be on your site and how much of other people's content from article directories you should use, and much, much more. ... ephon.html
Since you haven't started your article marketing yet, this blog post about quality may help you, especially since you are having others create content for you. ... -to-1.html where he directly answers with his own opinion about 200 articles to 1 directory or 1 article to 200 directories. (He may be biased, but his opinion carries a lot of weight.) ... ation.html about the over-importance being place on Google's apparent duplicate content "penalty." It is from a couple of years ago, however.

My opinion is similar to Chris Knight's. And it is shared by Jeff Herring, thearticlemarketingguy. (Add .com to that and that's his site.)

Start submitting to the top directory - that's Their Alexa ranking (lower # is better) is 408. The next ranked of the top 50 is almost 5,000 and it's for scholarly journals.

The important thing is starting. Get your articles out there at the best directory site. Get a lot of articles out there, but beware this site has to approve your articles. That's one reason they're the top because of their quality standards.

Build your status as an expert author with them. Become an authority in your niche.

Later on you can "go wider" by expanding your base of where you submit.

I could be mistaken, but my understanding about links back to your site is that they don't come from the directories, except from your profile.

(Your question implied that you thought publishing to many directories would get you more links from the directories themselves. If you didn't mean that, I apologize for not understanding.)

The rest of the links you will get will be from site owners who publish your articles, which is why requires they be published ONLY if no changes are made and all links are intact and live.

I hope this helps. It's a lot of reading, but since you're starting out with article marketing, better to do it right. Your questions show you're trying to do just that.

All the best with it. Let me know how it's going in a few months.\:D/

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