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Postby marketraisecorp » Fri May 18, 2007 8:32 am

The basic funda of plr site is to post borrowed articles on the website without giving anyone credit and also withhelding the identity of the original poster.In short, its spam unless you are willing to modify them somewhat, you aren't really doing yourself alot of favor by using them on your site. Google is definitely frowning upon those who are using duplicate content.Logically speaking, altering rights should grant the buyer master resale rights as well. But most of the PLR content offers have restrictions to the effect that you can't resell the same without substantial alteration of the products. By "substantial alteration," the seller usually pegs a change of more than 20%.They also state you can not resell or give them away.Now there are sites out there and people are selling the same plr content at cheap prices!It will get to a point that only newbies and fools will purchase such stuff.The only real plr is going to be your own.Someone is selling a software program that he states will take any article and rewrite it differently, no matter how many people submit the same article to the software.
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