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My first article to goarticle

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A few quick ideas ...

Postby Lee » Tue Dec 04, 2007 8:21 pm


Here are some quick suggestions. I'm no expert, but I continually work at it!

Here are my quick few:

1. Check grammar and punctuation.

2. Go to someplace like and check out popular articles.
Then, ask such questions as...

How do they begin their articles? Watch their style.
What types of titles grab my attention?
How do they say things? Meaning: watch things like sentence structure,
layout, styles that seem to fit you.


As you read, pay attention to your own "I like that!" thoughts or
feelings and take note of what and how something was said: you may
run across a writing tip.

3. I have no idea if you or others would like this, but here's one

I have been analyzing how to achieve success.Everybody wants to achieve
success.And they want it soon to them.So i have formulated one of the best way.Now let me just equate few things for you.

Maybe consider a way to "bring your reader in" to the conversation. Here's
a very quick and on-the-spot attempt to do that (changing the above quote):

*** Possible ideas for revision ***

"Over the years I came to a few simple conclusions regarding success:

Everyone desires "to be a success" in one way or another.
And, most of us would prefer our success to happen "right now."

My strategy for creating the life I desire may be stated in four
easy to understand principles.

I enjoy striving to put these principles into practice in my own life,
and I trust my brief comments will bring you much joy and happiness in
your world."

*** End of Possible ideas for revision ***

Some principles here:

1. Give personal examples or thoughts when you can.
2. Give a "preview" of what they will get (when appropriate)

I would definitely not consider this the best example, but at least
it should get you started in the learning process.

Whoosh... and we continue to learn!

The best to you,

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