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Read how a real amateur got to No1 on google

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Read how a real amateur got to No1 on google

Postby noviorbis » Sat Mar 31, 2007 2:11 pm

After many years of buying into everything in sight I finally got the message.

For years I have been told, get a list, well I tried and failed miserably. Seemed I got a few and as fast as I got them they disappeared. Many of you know what I mean.

Then someone did me a favor I was told to write articles and get sites linking to mine. I didn’t think much of that idea as I thought I had no talent for writing.
However after 3 years or so with no results I was desperate.

Well, 10 weeks ago I decided I would give it a go.

Didn't think I could do it, but I wrote one article about Toxins, then I wrote another and another, to date I have 20. Even though I say it myself, they are not too bad.

I next sent the Articles to 150 directories manually. I know there is software out there that works great, unfortunately it never worked for me.

Anyway, as can imagine it was a lot of work. I kept at it, and I found most of the directories linked back to my site and I began to get hits.

By the way I did this without spending one red cent. I had made a decision that no money would be spent for anything. During the years I had spent enough. I wanted to prove it could be done without spending.

I guess I could have put this together as an ebook and charged the usual $47.00 for it, that seems to be the regular number. I decided against that, as I had made a vow I would not spend any more money, and I didn’t want others to spend.

It is quite an achievement to get to No 1 on Google and spending nothing. Oh, that’s a lie, I did spend $1.50 on a Article submitter on eBay, unfortunately it didn’t work. That is something I should mention here, these Article submitters are available for $47.00 (there’s that number again) all over the internet, however you can get them for $1.50 on eBay. The guy told me the one I bought from him worked on his computer, so it could be a good deal.

You really need a submitter for it is a lot of work, believe me.

After you have sent all your articles to the directories, you receive links back to your site, as you well know linking is one of the most important factors to get your site listed high on the search engines.

The 100 or so links coming back to my site from the articles were not enough to do the full job, so I had to come up with a software to do the job for me. Free of course….

I found This did a great job for me, easy to use, it got 70 extra links in the matter of a couple of hours. Really it is easy as pie. I get more than that, I had 14 requests to link to me, yesterday so it continually builds.

Then I saw somewhere, the more links to your site the better, these guys were talking in thousands. Iv’e still some work to do.

As I said, about 4 weeks ago I started to get hits to my site and I have kept records of them, as I wanted to see how they grew.

Once again it was easy going, simple. I now had 20 articles out there to 150 directories and had 200 sites linking back to my site. Now the next thing was to have a web site that was friendly to the search engines.

I will continue with this posting in a couple of days as I have something that really is pressing.

Before I leave I have to show you this, here are the results of the last few keywords that are truly working, I will give you the reason in a couple days why they work.

ISAGENIX home business... 4th out of 366,000
Hong Kong 3rd out of 24,600
are you sure it works 1st out of 42,800
Natural Cleanse 1st out of 86,500
facts 2nd out of 29,200
join our team 1st out of 43,900
liver cleanse 3rd out of 15,900
Leader 3rd out of 38,700
proof 1st out of 16,900
cleanse 6th out of 104,000
Colon Cleanse 5th out of 37,900
Natural colon cleanse 4th out of 22,600
Work at home 4th out of 218,000
Isagenix 29th out of 695,000
How to use the 9 day plan 2nd out of 37,000

I built my web site keyword sensitive to the word Isagenix as that is the program I am in. Before each keyword I placed the word Isagenix, Viz. Isagenix Hong Kong.

If anyone would like a copy of the Article Directories that I used, email me at

Visit my site, there is nothing posh about iit at all, but it is doing it's job.
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Postby scoretenz » Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:46 pm

The important thing is that it is doing it's job. Good luck .I just signed up with them. My site is not plush either but I want it to do it's job too. :) Thank you very much. Will see what happens from here.
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