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eBay Says Adios To Negative Feedback For Sellers

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eBay Says Adios To Negative Feedback For Sellers

Postby Getagrip » Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:53 pm

From what I understand, only buyers can now leave negative feedback. I know that a lot of sellers won't like this policy, but I think the main thing it will prevent - and the main reason it was inplemented - is retaliatory feedback.

If you provide a quality product and good service, however, I don't think you really don't need to have to worry about negative feedback.

On rare occasions, you might get negative feedback for something that is not your fault (such as when the post office loses a package or breaks an item in shipping), but those times will be few and far between.

What's funny is that on just about each and every occassion where I've researched seller and buyer feedback profiles, I ALWAYS found that a seller gave retaliatory feedback after the buyer left them negative feedback. This has prevented a lot of people from giving negative feedback because they feared someone would retaliate against them. So, overall, I think this new policy will make the feedback system a lot more "honest".

My main concern with the new policy is that there will be a couple of "punks" who will occasionally give unwarranted negative feedback, and sellers don't have a way of reporting bad buyers who don't pay, although I suppose that most sellers will be protected anyway since most buyers pay through Paypal.
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Postby ChristyK » Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:04 pm

Actually I read that email from ebay and said, Now why would they do that? Your explanation makes sense. You do see a lot of sellers that say they won't leave feedback until the buyer does so maybe that's why they hold off - so they can retaliate anything negative.

The negative feedback on sellers is more important to me anyway.

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Postby wthomas46 » Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:01 pm

If I what I read in the email is true, Ebay is also not going to be listing positve feedback for anything over a year? I don't understand the reasoning behind this other than to force its members to become more active. It just doesn't make sense to me to eliminate positive feedback regardless of how long it goes back. Can someone enlighten me as to whether or not this is the case?
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Postby deannatroupe » Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:30 pm

I honestly don't understand a lot of what ebay has done. I truthfully think they are making it a hostile environment for sellers. I am looking for alternatives.
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