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Having Problems Rating In Google For Ebay Items?

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Having Problems Rating In Google For Ebay Items?

Postby gronesy » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:45 am

I've been selling mint and near-mint children's books on ebay for 2 years next month. I belonged to for over a year and used their ideas for updating my store.

The problem is I have had problems ranking in Google for exact titles I've been selling on ebay for over a year.

I know ranking is also about links but does anybody else have problems getting ranked on their ebay store or items?

I've been very careful to set up my keywords so they are relevant and not spammy.

If it helps, my store is at:

It's really frustrating me to the point I'm almost thinking somebody is pointing spammy links at me or something. It's that bad.

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