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Tips To Increase Your Ebay Response

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Tips To Increase Your Ebay Response

Postby sleepingbeauty » Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:22 am

You can encourage visitors to your auction, you can also get them to read it, but the most important thing is to get them to bid on it. Here are some tips that can show you how to push them over that line and make them leave a bid:

A lot depends upon how you design your auction. Brand sure your verbal description emphasises on the benefits that your item can give to the client, not just its have. You have to attempt to put information on it in a manner that it gives the much-required incentive to the casual or interested visitors to actually bid for your item providing them with complete description about your auction. Make sure that your display picture is of the highest quality; a professionally shot picture with proper lighting and un-intrusive background is as vital as the description of your item.

Sign up at Square Trade, which will secure the bidders that they will be not be shortchanged in any contingence, and display their logo on your auctions. This shows potential bidders that you are committed to resolving any disputes that might arise. Power Sellers always carry this logo on their auctions, and you should too. It makes you look much more professional.


Add an About Me page, this goes along way to establishing trusting relationship between you and your customers. And gives you the opportunity to ask visitors to sign up for your mailing list as well. Also nothing boosts confidence more than good feedback. Include all positive feed back comments prominently and in the event that you have 100% positive feedback, make sure that it is mentioned on all auctions. You can simply cut and paste the text, or create a screenshot image of your feedback.

Terms and Conditions are very important, Have the ‘small print’ clearly visible on all your auctions, giving details of things like shipping times and prices, your refund policy, and any other business practices you might have. This helps build confidence with buyers.

Accept unusual payment methods: To reach those last few buyers, accept payment methods that many sellers don’t, like checks as You can never be sure of which payment method a particular bidder might be comfortable with.

Finally To ensure that your product comes ups up in the first decade and you get the maximum hits you need to upgrade regularly. The best upgrades may be expensive but they may be worth the money you spend for them.

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