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FREE Dropship /Wholesale Supplier List

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FREE Dropship /Wholesale Supplier List

Postby ebayer123 » Mon Jan 01, 2007 9:00 pm

Hi !
I found this website with free dropship suppliers:

Are these good sources? Has anyone heard or dealt with these companies. I personally dealt with doba in the past and was not at all satisfied with results, anyway any feedback/comments on the subject is much appreciated. thanks
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It's always about due diligence...

Postby JosephRatliff » Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:36 pm

The best way to find out if a dropshipper is a "good" one...

Is interview them. Get in contact with them and get a feel for them.

But as in most cases...

You get what you pay for...or don't pay for.

These guys are famous for the dropshippers they list in their directory.

Give it a shot. Good luck.
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Postby » Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:59 pm

I heard John Reese - the famous internet marketer is doing a deal with ww/brands at his new site -

Can't wait to see what it's all about. I highly respect John as an internet marketer.

Some more dropshippers are avaiable at:
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