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10 Commandments For Marketing Failure

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10 Commandments For Marketing Failure

Postby David Jackson » Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:27 am

Just like there are proven techniques for marketing success, conversely, there are also formulas for marketing failure. Following are the 10 commandments for marketing failure:

1. Thou shall not have a clear vision and goal.

2. Thou shall not have a clean, easy to navigate website.

3. Thou shall not learn and implement basic SEO techniques.

4. Thou shall not advertise and promote thy business consistently.

5. Thou shall not give customers easy and convenient payment options.

6. Thou shall not experiment with different marketing techniques.

7. Thou shall not monitor and track marketing results.

8. Thou shall not adapt to changing marketplace environment and trends.

9. Thou shall not listen to customer complaints, suggestions or feedback.

10. Thou shall not follow-up with customers.

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