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starting from home ..........?????????

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starting from home ..........?????????

Postby kim9004 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:55 am


Work from home jobs are very difficult to find due to the popular demand. To be reading this, I suppose you are interested in working from home but there are 3 points you have to remember
1. most websites offering jobs are scams
2. money doesn't fall from the sky, you have to work hard for it
3. don't pay to any company that asks for initial payment.
All the best to you

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Re: starting from home ..........?????????

Postby shivi » Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:23 pm


The fear of not earning enough money keeps many people from starting their own office cleaning business. Another common fear is that unless they work for someone else, they will have no real security.

But natural entrepreneurs know that money flows when they, not anyone else, are in charge of their own destinies. My partner Ev and I discovered that we actually earned more money and gained genuine security when we started an office cleaning business.

Instead of giving in to fear, we got motivated and put our efforts into

designing our lives the way we wanted. Instead of allowing somebody else's dream guide us in a so-called "secure" professional direction, we let our own dreams guide us. We started to make some key business decisions that made sense for our lives. Now we earn great money and we're achieving real security, all because we started a cleaning business of our own.
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