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Got a laser printer?

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Postby kirkward » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:07 pm

Thanks Roy,

I have been printing my books using my HP 1320 for the innards and getting the covers printed at Staples. I take my own cover stock, because they don't have what I want. I use Mohawk Laser Certified 10pt C1S and they do a great job. I tried my community franchised office supply store, but their machies were so out of registration or calibration I had to go to the chain. They seem to keep their machines in tune, especially when I take a large order in.

The major problem with the process is leaving the home office to pick up the printing is a major trip, as I live in a small mountain community and have to travel towards Atlanta to the next sizable town.

By using the 5550 at home, I'll be able to get my samples out to my prospects a lot sooner, and do the complete bindery job here when I have to. I have a Fastbind desktop binder and it only takes a half hour warmup. I've done as many as 800 books in a day on it. As long as the paper was pre-printed and collated and the only external task I had to do was crease the cover. I have a Powis Parker hand scorer that works well and with someone doing the scoring I was able to get the 800 done. I have been told a younger person can do as many as 1,800 that way. I can't.

So, anyway, with that setup, a 5550 would be ideal. I could do the cover and the contents all here at home, and then take to a friend for trimming. My little chineese hand trimmer is junk.

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Postby stevlena » Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:32 am

What is the best low end inkjet printer for the money?
What is the best low end inkjet printer for the money? I don't want to save on a printer only to pay too much for the ink later. Just won't to print from my computer documents and color prints. Is there a standard that list inkjet refills by comparison?
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