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Which Affiliate Programs Makes YOU Money?

Join us here to discuss affiliate marketing in detail - from how to choose programs, how to promote programs, content-based websites, product-based websites and more...

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Postby Xarra » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:49 am

I have had decent luck with spam bully's affiliate program that pays a 50% commission

the details can be found at
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my picks

Postby cscarpero » Sun Jun 11, 2006 11:27 am

I made the most money from a product called Internet Macros. Wasn't too hard since payout is $250 each.

Clickbank has good programs.

The quote of the day service (see sig) has a nice 2 tier program as well and they allow you to add your own 5 line sig file to go out with the messages.

And finally, Success University. It's not technically affiliate, but I have done quite well with it.
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5 Pillar Affiliate Program

Postby ajoshi » Mon Aug 21, 2006 4:27 am

SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. The commission is 25%; the product is a solid, proven one. Plus, the income is residual, for the affiliate earns commissions on the renewal fees paid to them after every year the product has been used.
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Postby amedno1 » Tue Aug 22, 2006 1:14 pm

If you can promote something which is Free and then requires an upgrade for a referral comission go for it I think these are the best.
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Postby rustygib » Thu Sep 21, 2006 5:18 am

WoW what an array of good affiliate programs, I've tried hundreds over the past 5 years some OK some bleep Awful, but I now make a full time living with Success University and also have high hopes for my signature program.
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Postby JackieC » Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:35 pm

By far the best I've found around has to be the one in my sig. No games, no bull, and a fail proof plan that if you follow will get you moving in no time. The only one I have, and the only one I need to. OH..... :lol: and did I's cheap?
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Postby pspdropship » Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:05 pm

to me it's dropship design and wealthy affiliate, have a look at my sig
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Re: 5 Pillar Affiliate Program

Postby Chuck_Anthony » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:16 pm

ajoshi wrote:SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. The commission is 25%; the product is a solid, proven one. Plus, the income is residual, for the affiliate earns commissions on the renewal fees paid to them after every year the product has been used.

Right on, ajoshi; 5P is one of my preferred affiliates. I started building my SBI (to support my primary business) in October '06 and happy to say its already paid for itself.

Yes, the concept of residual income is very powerful to say the least. I think SiteSell and SBI in general have a superior product and perhaps more importantly, the brain trust; Evoy and staff have lots of integrity. I believe the key to finding a great residual income opportunity is finding and affiliating with companies that have already earned their customers' trust.

Anyway, that's been my experience. I'm still earning residual income from a company that I affiliated with initially in 1995--that's powerful! From the looks of things, SiteSell will be a top performer for a long, long time. That excites me.
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Postby rcneale » Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:47 pm

Global Resorts is making us great money. They have an unbelievable product and awesome pay plan.
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Postby Joe G. » Wed Jan 24, 2007 3:20 pm

For me i do good with:

Click Bank
Affiliate Fuel

And a couple of others...

Joe G.
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Email marketing...

Postby relyonhim7 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 7:20 pm

Hey Kidino..thanks for the tips on how to promote affiliate programs...what email marketing programs are the BEST out there? Personally I like the credit based email programs where members have to click in order to earn credits thus viewing your website for several seconds...what other types of email marketing are being used to get good results for advertising?
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Postby superprotege » Fri May 11, 2007 12:22 am

hello there,

by some chance, i found an affiliate program based on The Secret featured in Oprah and Larry King talkshow. I joined just days ago and started making money. I think it was a stroke of luck that The Secret is one of the hottest topic all over the world and i found an affiliate program that is about it. Just wanted to share my experience
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Postby Buygum » Fri May 11, 2007 5:06 pm

Hi there,

Make my income with AdSense, XsitePro, Dave Watsons software and a couple of obscure services that I have latched on to.

Pete Lauder
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Postby Michael b » Thu Jun 07, 2007 1:53 pm

Recently for me I've been doing extremely well with is Auction Ads.

Its free and as easy as adsense to set up and it makes me quite a bit of money, the good thing is you can use it with adsense on the same page. You essential make quite a large sum of money from other peoples auctions.

The other program I am making some good money with is with is of course adsense. However for me my new best friends is Auction Ads it has been bringing me more and more money everyday off of content sites as well as Physical product sites.

Try it for a few months and see if you like it- it has tripled what adsense does for me.
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Postby Thomas_gun_21 » Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:30 pm

There is a very interesting new Web site called Moneygeyser.comwith an affiliate program, you could log on and check out.

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