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How do you find a Quality Drop Shipper?

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How do you find a Quality Drop Shipper?

Postby maxlazermarketing » Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:36 am

A reputable drop shipper understands the business as well as you do and maybe a little better. They know that entrepreneurs can’t compete with the big discount houses based on price. Quality drop shippers offer unique products that people are willing to pay extra for.

Minimum orders and membership fees are to be avoided. Authentic drop shippers don’t charge either. Those that do are often struggling financially because their products don’t sell. Certainly, you don’t want to pay a membership fee to learn the product won’t sell.
They know that you will have trouble selling the products so they charge up front costs to be sure they will make money from you even though you can’t make money with their products.

The whole idea behind drop shipping is to pay for the product only after you receive an order. Any reputable drop shipper understands this and is structured to ship single items when you instruct them to. Requiring a minimum order indicates they are not properly structured to make single shipments. You don’t want your customer’s satisfaction left in the hands of these people.

Why would you pay someone to sell their products for them? That is what a membership fee amounts to. If the drop shipper has desirable products and is properly structured they should make their money when products are sold, the same way you do.[/b]
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