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Lynn, we're looking for Syndication Partners

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Lynn, we're looking for Syndication Partners

Postby Dan_Auito » Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:29 pm

Hello Lynn and all the great techies here at Self Starters, Lynn I've just finished building, testing and fine tuning an online Classifieds advertising and Marketing platform and we are ready to take on partners who would like to run their own operations using the website application in their location.

We’re launching a Classified Ads Website Operators Syndication Network. If you have ever wanted to operate your own web commerce advertising and marketing platform then this offer may be for you.
I’m not out to spam, interrupt or blatantly promote but rather to search out and find partners who are capable of succeeding, your members come to mind here Lynn.

If you have no interest in running your own Internet Marketing and/or Online Advertising operations than I encourage you to just move on without bothering to investigate further.

The reason I’m posting here Lynn is because I have been a member of yours for years and know everyone here is internet savvy enough to become successful relatively quickly (1 month) with what I have to offer, if you have a few moments to investigate this offer feel free to click the links below to learn more. Thank you Lynn for allowing me to post, there are 3141 counties in the U.S. we are looking for independent operators in as many locations as possible to be joint venture partners and independent website operators in their own county, please have a look and feel free to PM me here at Lynn's if you would like to know more.

Running your own website:
http://www.thecitruscountyclassifieds.c ... r-prop.doc

Initial contract:
http://www.thecitruscountyclassifieds.c ... icense.doc

I'm always available and will answer any question you may have, just shoot me a PM here at SSWT.
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