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What is a jv and how to go about this

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What is a jv and how to go about this

Postby networkmom » Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:04 pm

I am wondering exaclty what a jv partner is and how to go about getting involved with this? My niche is kids fitness so do I need to find other people in the same niche to jv with? I need some explanation about this.

Thank you
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RE: What is a jv and how to go about this

Postby bopub » Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:38 pm

Hello Denise,

One of the best ways to make money, at the least, if not at
no cost are joint ventures. What I'm talking about is joint
venturing With Others In your Field.

I know, you're asking, what does this mean for me?

First, there's the skill of getting outside professionals
whose product or service relates to yours to work with you
as a team to help your clients and customers, and their
clients and customers, and the public in general.

You see, many outside professionals have a harmful way and
tendencies to take recommendations, clients and customers
away from you, only to leave you dried out and empty.

There are ways to stop this horrible problem by pointing
out that you are not in the "one way street" business, and
that you like to give and get recommendations. One of which
is to show every one and your competition your Unique
Selling Proposition. Strategizing, to try and get one or
more of them to see that you mean business.

You see, it really makes me feel bad when I see so many
people struggling to get where they want to go, when the
answers are lying there in front of them, right under their
nose. It's like they're in some desert, and there is an
oasis right up ahead, and they walk right past it and end
up dying of thirst.

By establishing real relationships with these outside
people is going to be an absolute key to making the most
amount of money at the least amount of expense. In order
for you to move up to another level, you'll have to get
into a new level of perception with outside professionals.

Marketing through professionals is no different than
marketing to anyone. See, you're marketing through them on
the surface. What you're really doing is marketing to them.
Just like you do with everyone.

Whoever you market to there is always some end result in
mind. For strangers, the goal is for them to want to come
in to see you. So, your marketing focuses on the emotional
strings that will get them in for an appointment. For
professionals, your end goal is to get them to refer people
to you, and/or to let you do various forms of advertising
for their clients and/or have them help you with the cost
of marketing.

Your marketing must focus on their emotional strings that
will get them to refer people to you. Not on yours.

Let's look at what gets other professionals excited and
interested in working with you.

Feeling you're a peer, not a "salesperson."

Feeling they can trust you to help their clients.

Feeling they can trust you to bring them more business.

Feeling they can depend on you for help, objective advice
as opposed to self-serving advice.

Feeling you can solve problems for their clients whether
you get paid in every instance or not.

Feeling you are creative and aggressive in marketing.
Something most of them are certainly not.

Feeling they can depend on you to say the right things in

Feeling they can count on you delivering what you say you

Feeling you will never recommend anything to their clients
without going through them first.

See what's going on here? Do you see what these folks want?

They want you to be an asset to them and their clients. An
asset that is dependable, trustworthy and a totally
creative Marketing Expert.

These people need new business just like you do. But, you
are going to have to bring more than marketing to the
table. They want you to bring new business in, but they
want it to be accompanied by a solid, trustworthy

So, how do you blend these two things together?

How do you work with them, and get a bunch of new clients
with little or no money?

Keep in mind that all these strategies I'm going to be
talking about require little or no money. Marketing with
outside professionals, not only bring you new clients, but
in some cases, you can get them to participate financially.

Important Note - when I recommend things like
cost-sharing, I'm only making a suggestion, not providing
legal advice. Anytime you enter into a new area, you should
have an attorney review your ideas to make sure they don't
violate any local or federal laws or code of ethics.

This concept applies to any type of business, product or
service. All you have to do is put your products or
services into the appropriate spots, and you've got it.
These models have worked in dozens of different industries
and will certainly work in yours.

Will all of them you talk to agree to go ahead? No. Will
some of them be hard to work with? Yes. Does that matter?

Why? Because I want you to keep talking until you find the
right person. Talking is free, and if you cannot get them
interested with a quick phone call, forget it. You have to
make it easy for them to understand why they should
participate with you, including financially.

You're bringing something to the table that 99% of these
guys don't have - a business that actually works. And you
have to also understand, if you wait around for these folks
to do something, your grandchildren will be attending their
grandchildren's college graduations before anything will

Most salespeople and business professionals think about
marketing for new clients in the old-fashioned, out of date
ways that afflict almost every industry. We've all been
taught to be "professional" in our marketing, and if we do
advertise, we're told it's wasting money.

If you bring a new knowledge base, and a proven formula
that actually gets any results at all, you'll be a medal of
honor winner to them. Keep this in mind. You have to show
them why what you're doing is so effective, and why they'd
have to be dummies to not hop aboard with you. And, if they
are slow to react, or want to contemplate this issue until
the next ice age, then blow them off and move towards the
next one.

Believe me, there are millions of them to choose from. So,
if you get a "hard to get" player, skip the game and move
on. This same philosophy holds true for all kinds of
professionals. You have to use the same kind of approach
with everyone. You can make a simple call to see if they
are looking to expand their business or practice by
accepting recommendations from you. That's the way to
quickly and cheaply get the door open.

The real beauty of all this, besides them giving you
recommendations and paying for some, or all of your
advertising, is much deeper than that. The real beauty is
that your clients will be well taken care of. Think about
how unusual it would be for a client to have a team of
dedicated professionals taking care of you in this client
centered manner, wouldn't you?

One of the side benefits for you is that you will have this
team to work on your own situation, usually at little or no
cost. Often, you can set up an arrangement where these
people will do work for free or at a discount for you. Of
course, you should offer them help when they have personal
needs, as well. Think about the Uniqueness you bring to the
table when you are able to tell a new prospect how your
team works together to maximize the efficiency of managing
their purchase of your products/services.

Do you think this uniqueness is a little better than what
your former competitors say? Remember, you have to have a
totally different attitude to make this work. You have to
be coming from a place of service with a completely client
centered psychology.

For example, when you're meeting with a client of an
associate or whatever, and after listening to them, you
know that they are really not ready to consider your
product or service right now. Maybe later, but not now. In
your heart, you know that you have to tell this person that
he or she should really think about the future carefully
before they pour all their money into whatever your
offering is. You know those situations.

Do you use all your sales and closing skills to get this
client over the hump? Do you "lead" him or her to the
conclusion that doing what you say is the right decision,
instead of telling the client to consider whether doing
anything right now is wise?

If you ask the right kinds of questions, and listen to what
people really tell you, you'll always know in your heart
what's right. And if you always do what your heart tells
you is right, you'll get more business than you'll know
what to do with, because of the positive energy you create
when you do the right things.

Can you imagine the trust you build with an associate when
you tell his client that this person or business isn't in
the right position to buy just yet, and you advise waiting
until uncertainties are resolved? Do you see how that trust
will be a bridge into the heart of not just the client, but
the professional as well?

Sure, appealing to a professional's need for more clients
will get the relationship started. They'll see you as a
person who can help them solve their own marketing
problems. But, after you've gotten in the door, so to
speak, developing this trust and showing the compassion
I'm describing will cement you into other professional's
lives and the lives of their clients. And if they see you
this way you're sure to work some arrangements that are
both legal and helpful in defraying the cost of your
marketing and advertising.

I hope this helps, and Good Luck!
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