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First Interactive Community Social Network Platform

Want to team up with other professionals for content exchanges or product development? Join us here to discuss Joint Ventures, networking and co-promotion topics.

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First Interactive Community Social Network Platform

Postby mmm513 » Sun Sep 16, 2007 5:48 am

First Interactive Community Social Network Platform

We are proud to inform you that on September 2007 the Cagora COMMUNITY NETWORK of Local and Special Interest Online Communities [over 20,000 Local and Special Interest (Niche) Communities] will go Live.

The Cagora Community Network by inter-exchanging data and information between 20,000+ Communities all around the World under the same umbrella with the same guidelines will become by far the most accurate , valuable and reliable Searching and Promoting System ever built for all mankind.

By using Cagora Network Search System the problem concerning the overload of data will be resolved too! Cagora is not just a single Social Network but the First Community Social network PLATFORM with over 20,000+ Communities!

Each Community is a full interactive place where You may Come explore the wonderful world of Cagora Network Communities in real time, Meet people from around the world who share your passions and interests using the power of the whole Cagora Community Network.

You ' ll be able to Browse the Videos, Podcasts, Photos, Forums, Blogs, Polls, Reviews, Articles and much more . . . .

SearchCo-op with our Custom Search Engines powered by Eurekster and Google.

Best of all this service is offered for Free.

Additionally Members who wishes to be active giving their contributes to built the content of any Community will be rewarded every time they post an article , send documents , Photos ,Videos , etc.

People is the major contributor of the content of Cagora's Communities , naturally under the supervision of Cagora Network Management.

Cheap Targeted Advertising is Welcome too.

What we ask You is just request us via e-mail at the Official invitation for joining your Favorite Community or start your Own Preferred Community or ask for more info.

We'll put you on the preferential list and deliver immediately the Web address upon the Official Launch.

Best Regards

Gianluca Loddo

Cagora Community Partner for
Cagora Community Network
Platform of 20,000+ Interactive Communities
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Postby trekfun » Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:17 am

Cagora community sounds interesting. I will have to go and look at the website and read more about it. I might join I will see.

I would like to mention a new search engine called Search Big Daddy that I really like. They have a community website called BigDaddyFriends, also ecards, videos, classifieds and more.

Just this summer they started local city search engines across the USA. People can advertise their business locally online in their city. Another new program is Search Big Daddy is starting to sponsor schools with the advertising earned from the local city portals. You can sponsor your local school for only $99 a year and also you will earn 10% of the advertising sold, if the business chooses your sponsored school.

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Postby imguru » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:57 pm

Any more insight on this
Looks like Lynn is actively promoting this now.

Is it going to be real this time?

Looks like it started years ago, but not that much traction.

I saw few profile in and some folks are CP since 2003! How much money they have invested then?
What is the ROI till date?
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