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Kicking off a weekly podcast & looking to interview (you

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Kicking off a weekly podcast & looking to interview (you

Postby Dave Navarro » Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:50 pm

Hello all -

I'm gearing up to start a weekly podcast on my online marketing blog where I interview entrepreneurs and focus on their area of expertise. Basically, it will be a short "tips"-centered interview (15-30 min) that give the listeners something to run with (and, naturally, direct them to you to learn more).

I'm primarily looking to interview with small to intermediate level business owners ($500-$7500/month), so that all the strategies we talk about will be easily accessible to those in the small business bracket.

Some background on me: I did some of the early sessions of Ben Mack's interview show (which helped bring his list to 30,000 in a few short months) and am working with some of the people who helped him pull that off ... so my list is building pretty rapidly at the moment. It would be a good opportunity to help build your list as well.

If you're interested, and you're making at least $500 a month with your online business, please respond to this thread and let me know:

* Your area of expertise
* Your Time Zone
* Your availability (either "next 4 weeks" or "farther out").

Looking forward to hearing from you -
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