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Prerequisite Steps for a Successful Ezine Advertising ...

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Prerequisite Steps for a Successful Ezine Advertising ...

Postby Adrian Jock » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:14 pm

Prerequisite Steps for a Successful Ezine Advertising Campaign
by Adrian Jock

Simplistically speaking, it's easy to establish what the target of an ezine advertising campaign is: success. It's understandable, no one plans to fail. But are you ready to succeed?

The first step is to get rid of illusions like ezine advertising is a 1-2-3 simple path: copy an ad, buy ad space in an ezine recommended by a person you didn't know a few hours or days ago and then sit & wait for profits to come.

No, ten thousands times, no! Successful advertising is not something that is done "in the meantime" and it involves work.

In the offline world, your usual world, why do you think there are advertising agencies and marketing divisions or departments? The online world is not very much different. You can advertise or you can play a 10-minute copycat game. If you want to have fun while throwing away money, it's OK - play that game, but don't call it advertising ... If you don't plan to play that game but your intention is to really advertise in ezines, then follow carefully some prerequisite steps:

1. Make sure that the product (or service) you plan to promote is actually worth promoting.

Think sometimes like a buyer of that product and sometimes like a marketer and respond to some questions ... Would you buy that product? Does that product help the potential buyer in any way, or improve her/his life? Is the product not over priced? Is there market for such product? Isn't the market oversaturated by similar products?

2. Make sure that you have an appropriate landing page.

Now respond to another set of questions ... Is the landing page easy to read? Does it offer enough information about your product (without being boring)? Doesn't it somehow scream hype or "I'm lying to you but I hope you're stupid enough and you won't notice"? Doesn't it contain useless info or distracting ads and banners? Is it easy to order? Isn't the prospect required to reveal too many (and useless for you) private information? Are there multiple payments options, so that everyone is able to pay?

3. Make sure that you have a good ad copy.

Did you spell check it? Does it have an attention grabbing headline? Did you check the text of the ad in order to be sure that it doesn't contain words or expressions penalized by spam filters? Didn't you forget to use an ad tracker? Are you sure that the link works? Did you check the domain name from the link in order to be sure that it isn't blacklisted? Did you test your ezine ad?

4. Take care what ezine you choose to publish your ezine ad.

Is the ezine in the same niche like the product you plan to promote? When you searched the web, did you find negative reviews about that ezine or its publisher? Did you subscribe to that ezine? Is it regularly published? Does it offer quality content so that subscribers actually read it? Doesn't contain too many ads? Did the publisher promptly respond to your questions?

* * *

I'll stop here because I hope that you already got it: ezine advertising means work if you want to succeed. Now you have three options: forget about it and watch your favorite movie, keep doing that 1-2-3 simple path and then blame the ezines for your failure, or ... be serious, take action and succeed!

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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