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Ways to make money online: amazing copy-n-use methods

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Ways to make money online: amazing copy-n-use methods

Postby massimo » Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:37 am

Other ways to make money online are money management niches and debt consolidation niches.

Most people desire to eliminate their debts. You can target product niches about money management, debt consolidation, stopping debt collectors from calling, etc.

People like to find great bargains. You could target product niches about being thrifty, negotiating lower prices, etc.

Why not to offer product niches about college grants? Think to college ratings, college loans, college living, etc.

People love excellent credit/conditions. It's an idea to target product niches about improving their credit reports, financial management, how to increase their credit rating, etc.

Most people like to retire early or at least have good money for their retirement. Why not to target product niches about planning for early retirement, investing for the long term, goal setting?
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