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Ezine Advertising - The Truth About Responsive Lists

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Ezine Advertising - The Truth About Responsive Lists

Postby Adrian Jock » Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:46 pm

I have always wondered what some ezine advertisers understand by "responsive list". A newsletter where any ezine ad written by any newbie who promotes any "business opportunity" will end up returning the expected result? Hmmm...

Some articles writers even teach their readers to ask the publishers whether their ezines are responsive or not. Why on earth would you like to ask an ezine publisher such a non-sense question? It's like asking a seller whether his product is good or not. What answer do you really expect? "Actually, my product is of poor quality and I don't even want to sell it. I show it only to make people laugh at it!" Like that? Or ... "Hey, I only want to scam you... Do you still want to buy my product?" Well? Of course that any seller will not give you such answers even if sometimes they should.

The same is for ezine advertising: no ezine publisher will tell you that his mailing list is not responsive but stale and it doesn't make any sense to advertise in that ezine.

Be reasonable and don't ask dumb questions even if in so called ezine advertising tips articles some so called experts recommended you to do it.

The truth is that there are no responsive lists in the way some ezine advertisers believe. There are ezines that are responsive, no doubt, but the subscribers are responsive to publisher's own messages, not to any ezine ad published by that publisher for a certain advertiser. There is a big difference and many ezine advertisers seem not to notice it or not to understand it...

Be realistic and always compare the online world with the world you know better ... the offline world. Many people have a favorite newspaper or magazine that they read frequently. For the editor of that newspaper, they are the responsive readers. However, here comes the truth: do you really think that these readers take action on any advert published in their favorite newspaper or magazine? Of course not and this doesn't mean that the readership is not responsive. It only means that if you're an advertiser you should forget about myths like responsive lists...

It doesn't exist a responsive list in the way you like ... Reconsider your view on ezine advertising. It works, but not when you believe in myths.

To Your Success, Whatever You Do!
Adrian Jock

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