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Tips for Solo Ads Advertisers: a Reader's View

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Tips for Solo Ads Advertisers: a Reader's View

Postby Adrian Jock » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:01 am

Solo ads advertising is a great marketing tool for promoting a business or a product online or for building your own mailing list. The same like for any other marketing tool, one of the keys to a successful advertising campaign is to find out how the prospects think and what they are looking for, and then to meet their expectations.

The purpose of this article is to give you an idea on how a solo ads reader thinks and what he doesn't like to see. Of course that what follows is only my own view and you don't have to limit your research only at what one person likes or doesn't like.

Fact # 1 - The more solo adverts I receive daily, the less I read.

Tip # 1 - If you plan to use safelists, forget about it. If you plan to advertise in an ezine, subscribe to that ezine and see how many solo advertisements are sent daily to subscribers. If they are flooded, they are bored. You may not want to promote your business to such a market. Look for ezines that distribute maximum one solo ad per day.

Fact # 2 - My first name in the subject line doesn't make me open that email. The spammers did their marketing homework and I receive many spam emails that contain my first name in the subject line.

Tip # 2 - Forget about first names in email subject lines and use wisely that space. The subject line is very important and if it doesn't grab the reader's attention, your solo ads advertising campaign will be a failure. Recent email marketing reports issued by professional email marketing companies revealed that first names in subject lines are no longer an incentive for opening an email.

Fact # 3 - I don't trust what an advertiser recommends or what she/he guarantees if that advertisement is not signed. [Don't get me wrong: it doesn't mean that I trust any piece of text that is signed.]

Tip # 3 - At the bottom of your solo advertisements always insert your signature that includes a name (your name, a pen name, a business name).

Fact # 4 - Even if I like what you want to sell, if for whatever reason I don't have funds in my account then I won't buy your stuff. Or if I have funds but I'm not convinced that I really need what you sell, I still don't buy your stuff. And then I will forget about it.

Tip # 4 - Instead of trying to sell something, offer an incentive so that the reader to signup for your mailing list. Then you'll have the chance to send me more emails, on different days, and finally you may get me having money in my account and being in a buying mood.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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Adrian Jock is author of the brand new ebook Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads and the CEO of ADS MARKET Ezine Advertising Network, an advertising network that offers to its customers ad space in newsletters for all their ezine advertising needs: solo ads, top sponsor ads, classified ads.

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