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Work At Home Forums: Networker or Spammer?

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Work At Home Forums: Networker or Spammer?

Postby tam2005 » Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:11 pm

Work At Home Forums: Networker or Spammer?
By Tammy Embrich

1) No Flaming: Please be kind to other members and treat them with respect.

2) Advertising: Please keep all your ads in the proper forum.

3) Signatures: Please keep all signatures to 2 text links. No banners. Thanks!

4) Absolutely no spamming other members with PM's about your advertisements.

5) You must introduce yourself before posting any ads in the ad section of the forum.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should if you're accustomed to reading and following rules on a forum.

I'm surprised at just how many people come onto a business message board and instantly click themselves in the "post your opportunity" section, spam their ad, and then leave. What are those forum spammers proving to others by doing this? Where does this get them?

Part of being a respectable member of work at home forums is to consistently read the posting rules. Failure to do this can and most probably will jeopardize your forum account.

The above consequence doesn't seem to matter to quite a few members. Reading the rules of any forum you join is the very first thing you must do BEFORE making your first post, and also your first step toward properly networking with others. It only takes a few short minutes of your time and will substantially benefit you and your business. Business forums are created for business networking, not for spamming.

What exactly is the meaning of "business networking?"

Business networking is building relationships with other business owners and sharing thoughts and ideas, and getting to know one another. It means rationally conversing with others, discussing marketing ideas and techniques, lending support, and consistently adding something of value to the community. Share ideas, ask questions, and consequently gain the trust of the members. And as a result, you will be viewed and looked upon as a competent business individual.

That type of reputation is what it truly takes to make or break the sales, not one who is there just to spam their ads.

Now you should be able to easily answer this question. When joining your next work at home forum, are you joining to spam or network?

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

Tammy offers work at home articles, free work at home job leads, and other business resources on her Work At Home Forums.
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