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Web Merchant Account - Top 10 Benefits

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Web Merchant Account - Top 10 Benefits

Postby John47 » Mon May 04, 2009 4:50 am

Web Merchant Account - Top 10 Benefits

1. Having a web merchant account will often double or
even triple your current sales. Studies show businesses
that accepting credit cards on your site can see a huge
increase in sales almost overnight.

2. It shows your business is professional.
Studies prove that when you accept credit cards
as a form of payment, you create a sense of 'trust'
in your customers' mind, and if they trust you,
your customers will buy from you.

3. A web merchant account improves cash flow.
Accepting cards has a huge effect on business
cash flow. Even if sales don't increase (and they almost
always do) your business will benefit by having the money
from the credit card sale instantly deposited in your bank
account. No more waiting for check to clear, or sending out
time consuming invoices. With credit cards you get your
money from your customers quickly and easily.

4. Over 90% of web purchases are made using credit cards.
If you are selling ANYTHING on the web and you are not
accepting credit cards, you are losing 90% of your potential

5. Sell to Impulse buyers. Credit card holders buy more on
impulse, are more affluent, and buy 2.5 times more goods
than non-card holders.

6. Convenience. Let your customer decide the most convenient
way to buy from you. Many customers want to use credit cards
because of reward points or reward miles associated with their
credit card. Customers are more likely to buy from a business
that accepts credit cards than one who does not.

7. Larger orders. The average order size of someone paying via
credit card tends to be larger than someone paying by cash or
check. And larger orders mean more profit. In addition,
customers paying by credit card tend to place extra orders
and order more often.

8. Competition. Your competition is already accepting credit cards.
You need to accept cards in order to survive. Once you sell
to a customer, you can sell repeatedly to them.

9. A web merchant account is inexpensive. Today's credit card
processing rates are so low even the smallest business
can easily accept credit cards. In fact, usually the increase
in sales a business receives when they do accept credit
cards more than covers the small costs involved.

10. Quick and easy setup. Many businesses think getting a
web merchant account is a long and tedious process.
This is no longer true. Most of the time you can be up
and running within 24 - 48 hours.

A web merchant account is simply an essential requirement
for any online business to succeed.

(C) John Lynch - WEb Merchant Account


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