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An Easy Way to Make Money With a Website

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An Easy Way to Make Money With a Website

Postby MommyEnterprises » Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:46 pm

When people think of ways to make money with websites, one thing they might not think of is offering ad space on their site for a price. This is something I figured out at the beginning of my building websites. I had seen other webmasters offering ad space so I thought I could copy their idea and see what would happen.

When selling advertising, you have to have a website that has traffic coming to it. People are not going to want to advertise on a website that nobody sees. I did not start selling advertising space to my visitors until my site was at least 6 months old and I was getting traffic from search engines and other sites I had done link exchanges with. If you have a new site, be sure to have a steady flow of visitors coming before you add advertising to your site. Your customers might get upset if they purchase an ad from you and get no results.

You might be asking what you would charge for advertising. Some sites will price their advertising depending on how much traffic is coming into their websites. Some sites will increase their prices as their traffic increases. I have found it to be successful to charge extremely low prices for advertising. I may be able to charge more on some of my sites, but I will probably get less advertising purchases doing so. Keeping low costs will increase your odds of your customers renewing their ad once the ad expires.

There are different types of advertising you can offer on your website. Some of the most popular types of advertising are text ads and image ads. People like adding text links to create backlinks to their website. There are also button and banner size image ads that seem to be popular too.

If you are interested in adding advertising to your website, look around on other websites in your niche to see what they are doing. If they have advertisers on their website, there is a good chance you could offer the same type of service.

Article By Stefani Partin, a full time work at home mom of four. Stefani owns a network of websites and blogs geared towards moms. Stefani dedicates her time to helping moms find ways to stay at home with their children. Visit or check out my advertising space on my sites at
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Postby lisamariemary » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:47 pm

Helpful article! Thanks for adding it here, Stefani! :)
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