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Cleaning Business – Just What Is It About?

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Cleaning Business – Just What Is It About?

Postby dio_mack » Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:59 am

A cleaning business is an industry that offers a way for busy people to keep their office or house spaces maintained regularly by hiring or outsourcing janitors or maids. A cleaning service can also be specialized to an area like cleaning blinds or carpet cleaning.

If you enjoy working with people and have a knack for a cleaning job well done, then the cleaning industry might just be right for you. If you would like to have your own business that utilizes your organization skills, you can build your own cleaning services business.

Aside from your cleaning and organizing skills, you should also look into other areas such as your financial standing before you build your cleaning empire. Although there is minimal capital requirement in this industry, you have to make sure that you will be able to obtain a bond and insurance. You might also need a reliable means of transport to get to your cleaning appointments on time.

The cleaning skills you have learned from your parents will be put to rigid testing in this industry. Aside from vacuuming and dusting, you will need to be efficient in cleaning specific areas of the house such as the kitchen, the bathroom, bedrooms, upholstery, windows, and for offices- cubicles and other machinery that the office may be using. You also would have to study the different cleaning requirements of each space that you clean up, and be aware of environment-friendly acts such as proper garbage disposal, trash segregation, and the use of “green” products. All of these would make your cleaning company earn a good reputation.

The goal that you have for a cleaning service is to get clients in a regular contract with you. With a contract, you are assured of regular cleaning jobs which mean steady profits for you. Getting a contract should be your prime objective. Whether you start part time or full time, and whether you clean homes or offices, you will earn more with a consistent, paying cleaning contract than one time deals.

Getting a contract for a year to three years would be beneficial for you in more ways than just a steady income. When you are regularly cleaning for someone and you turn up quality work, then you would be creating a good reputation for your cleaning team. If your clients like you, they are bound to refer you to their other business partners or acquaintances and you get more and more cleaning jobs without having to spend more on advertising and marketing. Word of mouth is a strong marketing strategy and it comes cheap too.

What’s more, a steady income would allow you to manage your finances better and you might just be able to expand your cleaning business in record time. You will have the financial freedom to save up for newer tools and equipment and your clients will be happier and more impressed in the quality of your cleaning and the dedication you show for your work.

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