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If You Are Stuck in Life, What Will You Do?

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If You Are Stuck in Life, What Will You Do?

Postby skyjoe76 » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:32 am

Are there times when you feel stuck in life? You just feel that whichever decision you make is not the best decision. Every path is fill with uncertainty. To make matter worse, doing nothing is definitely not the best decision. In fact, you are force to do something, but you don’t know what to do.

I felt this way recently. It was not a good place to be in. Knowing that I have to do something, yet the path in front is dark. Any wrong decision can bring me back to zero. I wish I can remain there motionless, but staying in the same spot is disaster as well. I was perturbated to the wall.

If you ever face with this situation, what will you do? ... -anything/
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Postby Sami » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:56 pm

A couple of things that help me generally kickstart motivation are a hard cardio workout, getting outdoors into nature (I prefer the beach but any natural environment works) and watching/reading something inspiring.

Often if you take just one small step you'll start to feel better about things and this starts to snowball. It's better to start with something that's easy to achieve. That way you feel better about things and it helps to build momentum.

I try not to regard a decision as either good or bad. It's just a decision and if you make what turns out to be the "less good" decision you always learn from it anyway.
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