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It Dosn't Have To Be Scary With All That's Going On

Positive mindset, success-oriented thinking, a place for 'thinking outside the box', brainstorming & goal achievement... Post your online business goals and your brainstorming threads here.

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It Dosn't Have To Be Scary With All That's Going On

Postby Barry Rice » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:00 pm

Our society has seen dramatic changes since the days of the founding fathers. The personal freedom and responsibility that was cherished by the early settlers has been slowly eroded by selfish ambition, greed, and a misguided notion of entitlement. These values are not what defined success and happiness over two hundred years ago, and they are certainly NOT part of God’s plan for our lives today.

When the blinders of circumstance and materialism are removed, we begin to see with the eyes of our heart – eyes of faith. We begin to see the unseen – the plan, power, and purpose that God brings into our lives. We begin to understand that the path of our lives, our success and happiness, is determined not by Madison Avenue or Washington, D.C., but by God and our response to Him and the opportunities that He presents to us upon the horizon of his daily sunrise.

Are there setbacks? Certainly. Is there disappointment? Absolutely. But, even in these, when viewed though the eyes of faith, there are opportunities for growth and change, and the awesome Power that produces the sunrise in the first place, God, is right there to see you through.
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