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Use Goat Mentality To Get What You Want In Life

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Use Goat Mentality To Get What You Want In Life

Postby goldlink » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:24 pm

I know that you will be filled with curiosity by merely looking at the topic i came up with. If you know goat very well you will realize that there is a particular thing it does most of the time. For instance, if you are in your compound peeling the back of cassava which the goat likes eating, if the goat comes there to eat it, no matter the number of times you try to drive it away, it will still come back. You can hurl all types of objects on the goat to make it run away, it will only run and come back. The only thing that will make the goat leave that place for you is if you remove the cassava you are peeling from its sight.

What a persistent stubbornness from the goat! And that is what i want you to think about. I have seen a lot of people whose major reason they are still located at the lowest rung of the ladder in life is because they lack persistence. And quite tragically most of them are not even aware that they are under the bondage of it. As a Human Development Practitioner, i take special interest in studying people and can easily tell where their problem is coming from. Lack of persistence ranks high in many of the cases i see.

To be a hero in life you have to be stubborn to obstacles. There are no accidental stars anywhere in the world. The English writer John Creasy's life is a study in persistence, as an aspiring young writer he suffered devastating rejections, he was rejected more than five hundred times but was able to publish more than six hundred books later. I believe strongly that no one will be significantly successful without passing the persistence test.
I can tell you without fear of contradiction that you have suffered many losses in life through one way or the other just because of your poor persistence level.

If God should come down today from heaven and collect all the money in the whole world, including properties and go back to heaven and tells everyone to start afresh, do you know that the successful ones will be successful again, while the poor ones will remain poor? The reason it will be like that is because the successful ones have mastered laid down principles which they follow to achieve an aim. God will not change the way you think. It's your duty to do that. Great and successful men do not get stuck to where they stumbled, they maintain their gaze on where they are going.

Whatever you are passing through today is not a news. Neither is it it peculiar to you. If you persist your problem will crumble. But if you run away, you will never grow and you will still encounter such a problem again, so how long will you continue to quit? What will make you great in life is the number of obstacles you defeated on your way to achieving your dream. That is why you need to cultivate the culture of persistence today because you will encounter many obstacles on the way but once you have the mindset of defeating obstacles you will be having fun as you go along. Then, People will be seeing obstacles in your dreams and ideas but you will be seeing stepping stones and disguised opportunities. Go! and defeat that obstacle.
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Postby queenofkaos » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:14 pm

A very good comparison, easily remembered! I've heard of the saying 'stubborn as a goat'. Animals are often good symbols to help us develop habits or characteristics that are helpful to us.

I have a green rock that has a turtle carved on it on my desk to remind me about being solid, steady and perseverance.
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