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The Advantages Of Having More Than One Source Of Income

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The Advantages Of Having More Than One Source Of Income

Postby skyjoe76 » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:50 pm

Why do you have to create more than one source of income? Is it worthwhile for the effort to build multiple source of income? If you are having only one source of income, read this article to find out why you should build more income streams.


If you are having only one income stream which is your job, I do hope you don't see it as security. Depending on your job only is no security at all. What if you are asked to leave the company? You lose your one and only income source. This can create financial stress that may bring forth many other stresses.

In this fast moving world, things change overnight, knowledge is obsolete in six months; company functioning today, collapse tomorrow. Loyalty to the company does not pay off well anymore. You may be asked to leave anytime.

If that happens, and you have more than one source of income, you are protected. Although there is a lost of income temporarily, the impact to you won't be that great. You won't be affected much from the lost of one source of income.

Building wealth

The successful and the rich build multiple streams of income. They understand an important point - you can't get wealthy with one source of income. Most wealth is build from multiple source of income.

If your sources of income are highly active, that will mean at any hour, money is flowing to your bank account from these sources of income. If you have some sources of income that do not need you to be around, naturally you will be making money when you are asleep.

Take control

Having multiple source of income allows you to have more control of your life. You can have much more freedom in your life, much more choices. With the financial security, you can have the choice to say "no' without worrying having a great impact from losing of income.

Start building your multiple source of income; it can only do you good. There is nothing for you to lose. Take the time and effort to learn the different sources of income. Find out which suits you best.

How to build your multiple source of income?
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