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Market Samurai Users - Help!

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Market Samurai Users - Help!

Postby meredith » Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:05 pm

Hi there - new to forums.....but greatly value Lynn's advice and what I am reading here! :o) No fluff - me likey no fluff IM!

Hope ya'll will share your wisdom .Please let me know how "easy" you think it would me to rank given the attached results for this keyword and 2 other keyword terms. I am not clear why the third one down, witth the red in slot 2 with such high BLP/BLD is not in first place but in 2nd. Neither of these top 2 are country specific domains ...just .com's and they do beat out yahoo answers below them. What are my chances of hitting number 1 if number 2 isnt there yet when it seems it shoudl be? And why the heck isnt it in number 1?
BTW - my search is in SPANISH across ALL countries - not country specific - (b/c traffic wasnt there and it was actually more competitive AND would require extra work, special domain and hosting in country for best results.....

The traffic is robust for this - 730 seraches - SEOT =306 - that is Phrase match AND Broad match (normally id shy away but....)
Competing pages is only = 56K
Chances of numero 1?

What would you do FIRST to RANK first? This is actually going to be a niche site to feed into a bigger one - Im confused if Lynn and others here disapprove of that strategy - its nice to rank fast with Key Word in domain name ....and a SEO optmized WP blog......

I have included 2 more results after that......

My stratgy I was thinking woudl be article marketing - forum mktng, blog commenting ( thoughtfully of course) google images, you tube videos, some social media lastly....any thoughts?

MS is amazing tool but I still have a hard time finding long tails in my desired affiliate niches I can rank has been much so I am abandoning english for a bit. haha jaja
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Re: Market Samurai Users - Help!

Postby angienewton » Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:27 am

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