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Tips to Improve the PR and SERP

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Tips to Improve the PR and SERP

Postby onlineshine » Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:12 am

If one can implement the tips as suggested, there would be a definite increase in PR and SERPs. Find the tips as suggested below.

1. Good On Page Optimization – Adding targeted keywords relevant to the content in the web page with good search volume, keyword rich titles and description would make the On Page optimized.

2. Website Design and Navigation – Good user friendly template, internal linking within the website would make the website rank well in search engines. Appealing user friendly look of the website and the easy navigation would make the visitor visit the website repeatedly. Due to this, there would be an increase in the word of mouth which would indirectly lead to increase in the viral traffic. If the website is gaining good traffic, the website would be ranked well in SERPs as traffic is one of the parameters in the analysis.

3. Building Unique content – Updating new content in a website twice a week would make the spider crawl the website repeatedly and index the pages. Due to the continuous updates in the keyword rich content, spider would rank the website well in search engines.

4. Building Back Links - Building relevant high PR back links with consistency on a daily basis would rank the website top in SEs. Make sure to follow a specific strategy in building links. Reason, if there is no steady graph of back links has been maintained in building back links, SEbots would recognize the website as a low profile website due to the poor performance. Also, if you’ve added more back links all of a sudden, SEbots would recognize the website as a spammer and penalize the website by dropping the SERPs.

5. RSS Feed Submissions – Subscribing relevant RSS Feed and submitting it various Feed website once in a week would allow new content to be updated in the website and build more popularity as well. Due to RSS Submissions, SEbots would recognize the website as more user friendly and allot a good rank.

6. Building authorized back links – Building edu, gov, org etc back links would improve the website’s link popularity and helpful in improving the PR.
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Postby getgoingonline » Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:52 am

Great tips you have forgotten one thing social bookmarking now a days this is very popular in SEO. Thanks for providing good information it will help for webmasters.
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Postby amanda » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:32 pm

Thanks for your tips :)
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Postby John LA » Sun May 31, 2009 7:32 am

getgoingonline wrote:Great tips you have forgotten one thing social bookmarking now a days this is very popular in SEO. Thanks for providing good information it will help for webmasters.

Social bookmarking and social networking really is very effective in driving lots of traffic and lots of earnings from affiliate products or adsense and the like.

A single (large) site alone like twitter and myspace to name a few are widely exploited by some marketers that they only focus mainly on them.

As old as it is (but way too effective), article marketing is still the greatest most effective way to advertise provided that you have the best quality articles and is distributed to lots of quality article directories.
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